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Significant Links

  • Art

  • Clyde Aspevig
    The painter's own site. I don't have a single piece of his and likely never can but I love examining his composition, color and scale.

    Richard Schmid
    My favorite painter. His Cour d'Alene visit last September ('04) included a large show of recent paintings and a lecture. His book, "Alla Prima: Everything I know about painting" offers masterful instruction for representational artists.

    Encaustic Painting
    This method involves mixing pigment with beeswax and resin, then fusing layers with heat. The results and method are unique: the hot wax is "open" (workable) for only seconds as its temperature drops below 160 degrees Farenheit. Yet once applied and cooled, the paint can be reworked indefinitely with the reapplication of heat. Encaustic painting was well known to the ancient Greeks but virtually lost to modern artists until Rifka Angel and (later) Jasper Johns turned to its use in the mid-20th century. It's now possible to find encaustic painters throughout North America and Europe. Sources for supplies are few but my favorite is R&F Paints.

    For examples of encaustic work, check out the R&F Forum or my Office Art page.

  • Law

  • Findlaw
    Quick and dirty if you just need to read a case...

    United States Supreme Court
    Decisions, history, official links.

    Justices of the Supreme Court
    A PDF file containing the tenure dates of the Justices since 1940. In PDF format. This is a standard handout for my constitutional law classes, the layout being helpful to compare the Court's evolving composition. After Roberts gets confirmed, I'll update the PDF.

    Ninth Circuit
    Links to decisions and history of the circuit.

    Eastern District of Washington
    Homepage, with links to the new Electronic Case Filing system, local rules, and case scheduling.

    Washington State
    Public and free.

    Prosecutorial Misconduct
    Relief when "hard blows" become unfair ones.

  • Go (Wei-chi)

  • The world's most fascinating board game
    It is said that Chess is for accountants; Go for philosophers. Subtle, complex, and elegant, the game of Go is available (via the internet) to players outside of Asia. The title link is an encylcopedia article featuring links for beginners. Wikipedia has a terrific article and there is a friendly on line club with up-to-date info and great links. New favorite: Hikaru No Go" an English-language anime 'zine straight from Japan. An excellent site for serious equipment and books is Samarkand. When you're really hooked, check out Jan van der Steen's site. With Korean TV sites (BadukTV), interactive apps ("Go Books", "Panda Tetsuki", "SmartGo Kifu") and terrific English language books, there's no reason for any interested person to not find a way to play. I started playing in Ann Arbor with teacher Jim Kerwin (then a 5-dan amateur) during the summer of 1970 . It changed my life.

  • Telemark skiing

  • Schewitzer Mountain, 2012, just trees...
    Ditto! Face and trees...
    Ditto redux! flats...

    And the ski? Scotty Bobs, of course. The master is seen briefly in his Colorado shop!. Or hit his site. Custom made turns...

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