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With more than 30 years experience, my litigation primarily focuses on:

  • Criminal Defense: State and Federal charges, at trial or appeal, involving traditional drug defense, wire taps, grand jury witnesses, and appeals of all types including 2254 and 2255 post-appeal challenges.

    I have successfully overturned a conviction (and 23 year sentence) based upon evidence errors, won challenges against armed career criminal violations, suppressed wire tap warrants, obtained a Rule 33 order for a new trial based on "manifest injustice" (the so-called "Thirteenth Juror" standard), won new trial following a serious evidence error in federal district court, obtained re-sentencing following an improperly imposed upwards departure, reversed the conviction and forced the dismissal of mail-theft charge based on Terry-stop violations. My work also includes collateral relief for federal and state convicts challenging their sentence or conviction in "habeas" or "PRP" settings.

    For more than 13 years, I served as an adjunct professor at Gonazaga School of Law, teaching criminal procedure, white collar crime, trial advocacy, and criminal trial process.

    In 1996, I argued before the Supreme Court in United States v. $451,089.12.

  • Injured or Disabled: Worker-based claims at the Department, Board and Superior Court. In addition, I handle Social Security hearings and appeals before the Administration and federal courts.

  • Civil Rights: Claims by Plaintiffs alleging wrongful arrest, employment discrimination, and housing discrimination claims. Litigation has included successful recovery for the victims of sexual misconduct, police excessive force, inmate rights and class action advocacy for low income workers and the incarcerated. Most recently, I was part of the team that successfully represented the estate of Otto Zehm who died while in police custody following a simple "suspicious circumstance" encounter.

  • Center for Justice, public Interest litigation: Until January of 2018, I was the point-person for the civil rights litigation program at Spokane's Center for Justice. At the Center, we worked not only towards the traditional goals of litigation but seek to affect policy and political change. At the end of my grant, I left the Center with my law partner to return to private practice.

For detailed highlights on past litigation, please read my resume

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